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How It All Began...

Philadelphus Natchez_edited.png

Philadelphus  virginalis 

I must have been around 7 years old and walking down a country lane with my Grandma.

She stopped to pick a flower, and handed it to me,

​the pure white flower was so simple and was full of scent.

Many years later and a career in Horticulture led me to designing many gardens, for Country Estates, Hotels, and a royal residence.

When I was approached to provide flowers for a wedding cake, the flowers wanted were out of season, so I suggested sugarflowers, and to my surprise I found a new all consuming passion.


I want to create flowers that everyone can enjoy and recognise as part of the beauty around us.

Mandy x

P.S. The flower my Grandma picked

was philadelphus virginal [mock orange,]

and to this day I have it in my garden,

never to be forgotten.

Pphiladelphus virginal

When I was designing gardens, there would always be a vision of the end result, this is no different to how you want your cake to be.

You may want something very simple with just a single flower and leaf, or have dreams of a 3 tier centre piece adorned with all your favourite flowers, { and ummm this is what my cake had} but only because I don't have a favourite flower as such .... each season has its own inner beauty that emerges.

I take inspiration for many of my flowers and designs, from my own cottage garden set in the Chiltern Hills, which is stuffed full of peonies, campanulas, delphiniums, foxgloves and roses, with my favourite rose {at the minute] a David Austen rose Mary Delaney, all of which backs on to a wild flower meadow, home to Nedders the Horse.

Sound ideal but Neddy is partial to my flowers in the garden, and leans over and constantly eats every thing he can reach !  


I handmake all the sugarflowers myself, and copy each curve and fold that is found on the real flower, making a true replica, each is made from flower paste, dried, and I then hand paint the flowers using edible colours, and finally assembled.

All the products used in the making of these flowers are food safe, {BUT ARE NOT EDIBLE] this is due to the construction which includes non edible parts. However, some flowers IE: hybrid roses can be made entirely of flower paste and therefor edible, which can be arranged beautifully on you cake.

what ever you have in mind, please get in touch via my email to discuss your ideas, I would love to here from you 

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To view some of the designs I have created please click on 'designs' at the top of this page,
{And let your imagination go wild, just like mine !}


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