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​Ella was designed for a winter wedding, with white roses tipped with crystals, frosted cosmos, gold sparkles on the thistles, variegated ivy, and finished with dew drops of Real Fresh Water Pearls on 18ct gold plated wire, a very pretty shimmering finish for a wintery themed wedding. 


Heading 2


Smaller designs from the Ella range are also available, whether you want a small posy for the top or side of 2 or 3 tiers, or a vine to drape over and around you cake

Ella vine 



Eirlys is a girls name, from the welsh word meaning Snowdrop {Galanthus nivalis}

These pretty little clumps of flowers show there Heads in late January and flower all through February.

These Snowdrops have silver threads with Real Fresh Water Pearls Dewdrops, falling gently down the cake. 






The first daffodils {Narcissus} show there buds in February and herald the arrival of spring, simple, beautiful, and gentle, something different for a spring wedding




The foxglove [Digitalis purpurea] can be seen in a variety of colours, purple being the native colour growing wild in the English countryside.

Here for this cake I have made a variety of colours, white, Apricot, and pale pink, each has a satin finish, and speckled throat, I love the way these flower spikes look so natural placed on the side of a cake.


The Himalayan blue poppy ranges from purple to light blue, I have made these with a button pearl and crystal centre,I have added Eucalyptus to compliment, posies, vines or single flowers all look stunning on a simply iced white cake.   


This vine includes the Romance rose with buds, pale pink poppies, jasmine, cherry blossom, and variegated ivy, I added the ribbons [which can be added to any vine ]

as the Bride and groom wanted to drape this design around the base of there cake. 


A complimentary collection of poppies, roses, buds, and freesia were added to the top and sides of the cake.

True love

This 3 tier cake, homemade by the groom's mother, was everything the bride and groom wanted, a mixture of cottage garden flowers, including crimson poppies, sweet peas, lavender, roses, jasmine, apple blossom, and the Romance rose.

A vine was made to not only go around the base of the cake but trailed over the table, and finished with green and fuchsia pink organza ribbons 



                                            cherry blossom

This beautiful cherry blossom vine is full of open double flowers, buds waiting to open as the sun gets warmer, and for the first bees to pollinate.

Magnolia Suzy


These open blooms, buds, and leaves, need nothing else

Simple, classic and very elegant.

'magnolia soulangeana' 


A mix Burgundy roses, rose hips, apricot poppies, crimson Hydrangea, and burnished coppery leaves, match the bridesmaids dresses perfectly



These pictures show Both Orla and Phoebe made into a crown to sit on top of the cake, but both can  also be made into posies or vines.  


Orla has Apricot roses and buds, coffee poppies with seed heads, Dog roses, Hydrangea and jasmine, both Orla and Phoebe have rafia tied thru the whole design, perfect for a rustic and BoHo wedding    


A cascade of clematis in pale lilac hues, trail beautifully over this square cake 



A spray of Orchids lay simply on the top top of this cake, the purest of white petals with a deep pink speckled throat.

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